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You must have an account and a password to look up your sales. If you have not yet received a password, scroll down to the password submission form or call (734) 513-2577 so we can set up your account. Please note it may take up to 48 hours for new accounts to become active.

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Questions about your sales?

Please read this information before contacting store:

The main purpose of this feature is to allow you to conveniently update your inventory records and plan your restock, so the totals reflect gross sales, before applicable deductions and/or adjustments that will appear on your sales statements.

Because of the large amount of data that must be transmitted each night, we must limit sales history on the online reports to go back 90 days from today. Items sold prior that will not appear on this online report, even if they appeared previously; this has no effect on your actual sales. If you need a report showing sales prior sales periods, please contact the store during business hours at (734) 513-2577.

You may occasionally see an item with an amount in the "Total" column that does not correspond with the amount in the "Price" column, and the invoice number will contain 7 digits. This means the item was purchased using our layaway program. (Normal sales invoice numbers will contain 5 digits.) The balance of the item will be paid as the customer makes payments. Please note that your item may be one of several purchased in a single layaway transaction.

If you have any questions regarding your sales information, please contact us via phone or online; for the quickest method to get your questions answered, we recommend calling the store during business hours, (734) 513-2577.

Please report functional issues with the sales report webpage by clicking here. Please indicate that you are referring to the Town Peddler and include a detailed description of the problem.

Please report any issues with the content of the sales report by clicking here or call (734) 513-2577.

Sales information is updated daily at approximately 9:00 PM EST.

Printing Tips
If you would like to avoid printing the banner on the sales page, here is the best way we've found.
1. Go to your desired sales page.
2. Under your browser's Edit menu, highlight the information you would like to print.
3. Under your browser's File menu, select "Print," and in the print window click "Selection" under Print Range. Then print the page.

For specific questions for your own model printer, please consult your printer’s instruction manual.



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