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Partner-Dealer Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the booth agreements?
The Town Peddler offers six and twelve month booth agreement terms.

What does it cost to move in?
When a space is available, the first month's booth fee and a security deposit equal to one month’s booth fee are required to secure a space.

When is the booth fee due?
Your booth fee is due on the 1st of each month. Late fees are charged if the booth fee is paid after the 5th.

How does The Town Peddler track my sales?
Each vendor is assigned a unique vendor identification number. This number is entered into our system at the point of sale along with either your inventory number or a brief item description. With your secure password, you can check your sales on-line approximately one hour after closing. You also receive an itemized report with your check each month.

How often will I receive checks for my sales?
We pay you on the 5th of each month for the previous month's sales.

Can my booth fees be deducted from my sales?
No, your booth payment to us and our sales payment to you are handled as separate transactions.

What about commission?
The Town Peddler charges a 10% commission on all sales. The commission is deducted from your monthly sales check.

How are taxes handled?
We collect and distribute all sales taxes to the State of Michigan. You are responsible for handling any income or business taxes directly with the IRS and state based on your individual situation. Your January Payment will include a statement showing your total income from your booth for the previous year.

Are there any other fees?
If you wish to use electricity in your booth there is a one-time fee of $35.

Do I have to work shifts at the mall or be present to make sales?
There are no vendor work days. We handle all of your sales for you. We do ask vendors to volunteer to assist customers during big events like the annual August Tent Sale.

When can I work on my booth?
During regular store hours. We request that you stock and clean your booth during off-peak hours so as to not interfere with your sales! It is also important that you not block aisles while stocking your booth.

What forms of payment does The Town Peddler accept?
We accept personal checks, all major credit cards and offer layaway and gift cards.

How does layaway work?
Layaway is available for customers whose total purchase is $35 or more. The customer puts down a third initially and then makes two additional payments at 30 day intervals. You receive credit for payments as they are made. When an item is placed in layaway, it will show up on your nightly sales with the full price showing in the "Price" column and the amount put down in the "Total" column. All items on layaway are kept in our locked layaway room until paid in full and picked up by the customer.

What are my options for a booth?
We offer pre-constructed booths in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. Pricing is based on size and department (Craft or Antique). We also have showcases available too. Our staff can show you available booths and prices.

What comes with the booth?
We provide a basic pre-constructed shell of peg board. Brackets, shelving, cases, locks and enhanced lighting are your responsibility. If you are renting a show case, the case will be equipped with lighting, shelves and a lock.

What if I want to lock up my more valuable items?
You can place a locking case in your booth. We will keep your keys in a secure key box and open the case and show customers items they are interested in. Only staff will access your keys. We also offer security tags for sale at the front counter.

Can I have a "sale" in my booth?
Yes, you can offer a "Sale" in your booth at any time, let our staff know the dates and % off and we handle the rest! You can also coordinate having a sale in your booth with the store's special events such as the Tent Sale and Outdoor Marts.

What are some of secrets to success?
Keep your booth well stocked, rotate items frequently, create attractive displays and offer items that are clean and in good condition to enhance your sales. Be sure your tags are clear, legible, securely attached and follow the format in the rules and regulations. We offer consultation on pricing, sales, displays and other ways to enhance your sales.

What if I need a booth in the Antique Department?
We have on staff a dedicated Antiques Department Manager who assists the special requirements of Antique, Collectible and Vintage dealers and customers. For details, it’s best to call (734) 513-2577 or visit the store.



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