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Town Peddler's Customer Testimonials

My favorite place to SHOP! – Roma S.

If you just need to find that special something for that special someone, give this place a try - you won’t regret it. I do all of my gift shopping here, the owner and staff are exceptional. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else, I take my wife and as she browses and points out the things that she really likes, I find an excuse to go and look at something else - but am actually sneaking to the counter with whatever it is. The young ladies hold my things behind the counter and when we are done, I send my wife to the car, so I can pay. I just tell her I have to make a last minute pit stop in the restroom. I'm pretty sure she has caught on - so I'll have to come up with something else. A big thanks to the owners and staff for making this such a special place. – M.V.

I LOVE this Place! – K. Mastin

I could spend all day there. – Linda C.

The variety of items is vast. It's impossible to walk out with just one item. I would buy everything, but the carts aren't big enough. – Herta H.

Great antique and collectible shopping in Michigan! For sure! – Krissy G.

Great place to shop! – Cheryl S.

Town Peddler is one of my all time favorite shops! – Sandy M.

Best everything, new or antiques…love the store! – KJG.

Great place to spend an afternoon browsing aisle after aisle of unique finds. – P.E.F.

Large group of dealers & special promotions ongoing! Sign up for email list for best deals! – J. Shinmi

I absolutely love this place. I usually am only able to visit once a year but it's still the best mall I have been to. – Faye M.

Can always find beautifully crafted items. – Maureen L.

Nice to have all this stuff under one roof! – Pamela A.

The shop is an adventure. – Tammy T.

Awesome Store! - Veronica T.

LOVE this place. You can always find something unique, especially the hand crafted items. Many creative dealers at The Town Peddler! – Pinky829

Great place to browse! – Veronica B.

LOVE this place – Diana B.

Need a unique gift...this is a place to look for this place!! – Janice B.

I love this place. As soon as you walk in the door, the smell is so welcoming as are the staff. Everybody is so friendly and helpful. I can spend hours walking up and down the aisles. It is a wonderful place. – Cherie B.

I've never been to a better Antique and Craft Mall and I've been to many. – Mark B.

LOVE this store! My home is filled with many crafts from many booths of talented people :) – Colleen J.

Great place to buy unique gifts! – Debbie G.

Even if I don't find what I'm looking for now, looking is fun and I know I'll find what I want next time. – Joann B

There is no place like it. They have quality and variety, its your one stop home & gift store and a great place to find that special unique item. This is my favorite place to shop! – Marcy725

Check out the great friendly service, as well as the great crafts there. – Lonmarie D.

Always a great place to find a gift. – Cheryl S.

This is such an amazing place to spend and afternoon, maybe much to see! – Annette J.

I have never gone in Town Peddler and NOT come out with the perfect gift, for others, as well as myself!!! – Shari H.

it's fun to shop at the Peddler. Keep up the good work! – Karen D.

Town Peddler is a great place to shop. – Dorothy P.

Everyone should visit at least once a month to see all of the new art displays. There's something different every time I stop in. – Cindy F.

Love shopping at the Town Peddler. I never know what I'll find, but I always know I'll find something cool. – Kimberly N.

I ALWAYS find something I "can't live without"! – Laura C.

Very enjoyable time! – Rick D.

This is a very versatile place to shop. They have a little of everything. I never leave empty handed. Great place to shop. – Charlene T.

It takes more than a day to look at everything in the mall...go there if you've never been won't regret it!! – Barbara H.

Any day is a good day to shop at Town Peddler. Allow enough time, you’re going to need it! – Betty K.

Anything arts/crafts or antiques anyone is able to find at Town Peddler. If unable to find a specific product…just ask.. .the owners are most willing to accommodate! I love Town Peddler more than any other shopping facility in Michigan! :) – Linda I.

Quality.... variety.... reasonably priced and friendly folks – Shirlee M.

Amazing! – Stephanie C.



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