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Customer Fequently Asked Questions

What is the concept of the store?
The Town Peddler Craft and Antique Mall is like a 7-day a week Craft and Antique Show. Michigan's largest selection of Crafts, Antiques, and Collectibles from hundreds of dealers from all over the country can be found under one roof. You can come in to our location, browse through the store, and pick up all kinds of unique items. The Town Peddler's Livonia location is the first and largest of its kind in Michigan.

If it's like a craft show, do I purchase directly from the dealer?
No. The dealers are not present to make sales, we take care of that for them. You simply shop as if you're in any other retail store, and bring your selections to the checkout desk when you're ready to purchase. We even have shopping carts to make it more convenient for you.

What if I would like to talk to a dealer about a custom order?
Many of our craft dealers take custom and special orders, and we can get in touch with those dealer on your behalf. And for antique shoppers our Livonia location has a full-time Antique Specialist to help you. We also maintain a "wish list" for those who seek specific items, and provide that list to our Antique Dealers on a constant basis.

What forms of payment do you accept?
For your shopping convenience, we accept cash, Michigan personal checks, Visa/Mastercard and Discover credit cards, and debit/ATM cards.

Do you offer layaway?
Of course! We offer a 60-day term with 1/3 down on a minimum $35 purchase.

Do you offer gift certificates?
Absolutely! We offer Town Peddler Gift Cards that can be purchased in any denomination for the perfect gift.

What does it cost to park my car?
Absolutely Nothing! Unlike other area shows and retail locations, Town Peddler Craft and Antique Mall does not charge its customers for parking or admission.



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