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Town Peddler's Estate Consulting Services

When the time comes for customers or their families to begin the process of downsizing, breaking up a collection or distributing an estate, Town Peddler can assist with the process. Whether you are part of the “Greatest Generation” or one of 78 million baby boomers, if you need assistance with the next phase of your collecting experience, we can help!

Do you have antique or vintage items that you want to learn more about?

Twice a year we hold an “Ask the Expert” event, where a panel of knowledgeable antique dealers provide verbal valuations of your items. Watch for dates on the website. During the rest of the year walk in valuations or referrals are provided by our Antique Specialist. The Antique Specialist can provide a free verbal valuation for one or two items. For customers who need formal appraisals we will provide references to certified appraisers in the area.

Do you have antique or vintage items you wish to sell?

In general the Town Peddler does not provide consignment services or purchase items directly. We occasionally may accept a small number of high quality items for consignment. Contact our Antique Specialist to learn if we are currently accepting consignments.

If you are interested in selling your items yourself our Antique Specialist will be happy to consult with you about joining the Town Peddler as a Partner/Dealer or participating in our twice yearly outdoor marts.

Our Antique Specialist can also assist you in identifying other potential resources for selling your items.

Do you need more extensive valuation and planning services?

Our Vintage & Antique Specialist can provide in-home consultation services tailored to meet your needs. Services include the creation of an inventory of your antiques and collectibles, valuation estimates based on condition, rarity and current market conditions, and assistance in creating in creating an individualized plan for sale or dispersal of your items. Fees are tailored based on the extent of services. Our Antique Specialist will be happy to provide more information and tailor a plan for you.




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